Miravet the village and the castle were founded by the Moors and rebuilt by the Knights Templar and transformed into a fortress-monastery, after the conquest of 1153. Located in a prime position on the river Ebro. Stunning views from the castle which is open to visitors, well worth a visit just to take photos of the scenery.

Miravet is also famous for its pottery, jugs, bottles, pots, bowls and there are many pottery workshops you can visit and buy beautiful ceramics linked to moorish times in Miravet.

The cherry festival is very famous in Miravet as a big percentage of Catalonia's  cherries are produced here and usually happens every year on the second Sunday in June. There’s lots happening throughout the day, such as talks about cherries, exhibitions which feature the new varieties, cake competitions, cherry liquor tasting, throwing pine cones, and a paella for all the people on the river banks.

Miravet also has its own wooden ferry or punt 'Pas de Barca' that crosses the river to just outside the village of Ginestar. When visiting Miravet is is well worth taking the ferry as it is a lovely experience.
For more information about Miravet please visit:  http://www.miravet.altanet.org/

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